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They were made for each other

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such wonderful things surround you, what more is you looking for?

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Sakura (by *:Hinata:*)

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tbh dress codes are fine as long as they are about looking professional and appropriate for a learning/working environment and not about ‘don’t distract the boys’ and slut-shaming, and as long as it’s enforced equally for all genders

it is the sexist attitude about it that needs to be changed, not the fact that there *is* such a thing as dress codes

This is important

especially if anyone’s wearing any clothes with inappropriate messages on them

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*watching old episodes of himym with my little brother*

him: so who does robin end up w-

me: BARNEY she ends up with barney

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no words to even describe how much I prefer cold weather over hot weather 

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i am thor [x]

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